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TEST TUBE (Borosilicate Neutral Glass)


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Cat. No. Description
SMC-20195 TEST TUBE (Borosilicate Neutral Glass)
SMC-20195/1 10x75mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/2 12x75mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/3 12x100mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/4 15x100mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/5 15x125mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/6 15x150mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/7 18x100mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/8 18x150mm (Pk. of 100)
SMC-20195/9 25x75mm (Pk. of 50)
SMC-20195/10 25x100mm (Pk. of 50)
SMC-20195/11 25x150mm (Pk. of 50)
SMC-20195/12 25x200mm (Pk. of 50)
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